Chelsea Hammond

  • I graduated from Lee University in Cleveland, TN in 2009 with a Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education.

I am very excited to be teaching 1st grade at Eagle Crest Elementary this year. Every year it just gets better! I have taught Kindergarten, first and second grade at Eagle Crest since 2011. Most of all, in my classroom, each child is apart of our “family”. All year long I will talk to my students about how we are a family and that each of them play a vital role in making our family environment a respectful, responsible, and safe place for everyone to learn and play. Each child will learn how to be a leader within themselves first, and then learn how to be a leader in the role they play. We will have fun each and everyday and oh yeah… do a lot of learning too! When I am not teaching, my husband and I enjoy playing soccer, riding bikes, drinking coffee, and spending time with friends & family. We also have a daughter, Olivia and son Knox, who keeps us on our toes and asks a million questions a day!

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