Construction News

We are excited to announce that Eagle Crest will be one of the first projects moving forward from the bond funds approved in November.  You will see activity beginning in January and picking up through the summer.  January 13th will bring the start of significant ground work and the fencing off of the major construction zone at the Northeast corner of the building (bus loop area)  By the middle of February we will start to see a building actually start to come out of the ground!!  By August 1st we should see 7 new classrooms, a new innovation lab for kids, and a new office area that includes additional safety features.

Staff are working now on some adjustments to where students will line up and how we will move around the building and playground while the construction is going on.  As you can imagine, construction will create many less than ideal situations.  The key to it all is to keep your mind on the prize at the end!!  I will do my best to communicate with you each step of the way and invite you to come to me with questions, suggestions, or feedback throughout the process.  This is an exciting time for Eagle Crest and I can't wait to show off our new and improved school in August.

Ryan Ball