Leadership Focus

“I am a leader. I help build a better world.” This student empowerment statement is the driving focus of everything we do at Eagle Crest. We believe all students have leadership potential, and it is our job to guide them to becoming leaders. Our program is multifaceted and dynamic. From learning about how the brain works and how to manage feelings and actions with social emotional curriculum, to student leaders running assemblies of 300-600 students at a time, Eagle Crest students develop leadership skills throughout their entire school experience.

The three pillars of leadership at Eagle Crest are Communicate, Create, and Inspire. We believe all leaders who help build a better world need to have confidence in these areas. Our expert preschool through 5th grade teachers collaborate regularly to weave the three pillars into our academic curriculum on a daily basis. We also provide an array of extra leadership opportunities for students such as the Assembly and Tech Teams, Competitive Robotics Team, Global Club, and a STEM Explorers/Resource Wise Team. We believe students need to practice leading in order to gain the confidence necessary to believe they can build a better world.

Another opportunity to experience what it means to make positive change in the world is through our emphasis on Service Learning. We work closely with the Mwebaza Foundation of Niwot to support our sister school, The Mwebaza Annex School, in Uganda. Through this relationship, our students gain global perspective and curiosity about the larger world. They dedicate themselves to African inspired artwork for our annual art sale to raise money for the Mwebaza Annex School. We foster student to student relationships through pen pal letters and Skype conversations from the other side of the world. Our Mwebaza Annex School Student Team facilitates this ongoing cultural exchange.

Classrooms also develop their own service learning project each year to enhance their curriculum, and inspire our students to start building a better world today. Some of these projects include organizing the canned food drive, creating videos to teach kindergarteners how to play safely on the playground, and individual small group passion projects based on student interest.

Our Eagle Crest students graduate from our school already making a difference in the world around them and believing in their ability to lead in the future.

You will see our icons below, sprinkled throughout our newsletter and leadership blog.   Our goal in using the icons is for the community to see our commitment to the three pillars and how they are used daily in the classrooms.


                  CREATE                                      COMMUNICATE                                        INSPIRE

Eagle Crest Elementary School