School Profile

Opened in 1999, Eagle Crest is located in the southwest part of Longmont. Named for the eagles that used to nest in the area, the school's colors and mascot were chosen by the 5th graders attending school here in 1999. Original student artwork was designed and submitted for the golden eagle mascot.

Eagle Crest Elementary is currently a Pre-K through 5th grade elementary school.  We are happy to announce that beginning with the 2019-2020 school year, Eagle Crest will be offering free full day kindergarten clasess.

A preschool program, one for three year olds and one for four year olds, is also offered

Eagle Crest is also unique in that we are a looping school. Looping involves teachers keeping the same students for two years in grades 1 and 2 and grades 3 and 4.

Eagle Crest is also a walking school and do not have bus transportation.

School colors

Purple, Red, and Gold

Feeder System