Acacia Nadeau

I began my teaching career as a 5th grade teacher at Eagle Crest in 2010. I knew right away that Eagle Crest was a very special school. The staff, students, parents, and community were (and continue to be) absolutely phenomenal. After teaching 5th grade for three years, I moved down to 3rd grade. The summer following my year of teaching 3rd grade, my husband and I welcomed our second child, Lake, into our family, and I decided to take a one-year leave of absence to stay home with her and my (at the time) 2 year old son, Fisher. After a wonderful year at home with my two kiddos, I was feeling refreshed and ready to come back to the world of teaching. However, I have to admit, when I found out that I would be teaching 1st grade when I came back, I was a little terrified. Ha! But, with the support from many, I absolutely adore teaching the little ones! I am in awe of their joy and thirst for knowledge. I am inspired by their creativity and wonder. I look forward to seeing their beautiful faces everyday. Yep, it feels good to be back! When I’m not teaching, I enjoy spending time with my husband, Matt, my son, Fisher, and daughter, Lake. We love taking lazy weekend nature walks in the open space behind our house, catching fish at Walden Ponds, or going for a hike on Rabbit Mountain. We also love to travel! This past summer we went on a trip to Moab, Florida, the Sand Dunes (where my family is) and Rhode Island (where my husband’s family is). If we aren’t out and about, you can find us hanging out in our backyard BBQ-ing, watching our dog, Caddis, chase squirrels, our cat, Lynx lounging in the sun, or our chickens (that’s right, we have chickens!), searching for tasty worms and taking dirt baths.

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