Academic Overview

Eagle Crest Elementary is located in southwest Longmont in close proximity to Altona Middle School and Silver Creek High School. The school’s mission is “to develop leaders one child at a time.” The three pillars of leadership embedded throughout the curriculum at every grade level are “Communicate, Create, and Inspire”. Students participate in service-learning to empower them to use their leadership skills to help build a better world.

Technology in our Classrooms

Eagle Crest Elementary is fortunate to have a 3 to 1 computer ratio for our students. Grades 3-5 have the convenience of using laptops and chromebooks in the classrooms, while grades k-2 have a fixed lab available just for them. As part of 21st century learning, we strive to incorporate technology into teaching and currently have over 50 iPads and iPad minis to enhance our classrooms. Along with the classroom projection systems, teacher laptops, and media system provided by the district, our goal is to continually expose our students to technology through learning.

Eagle Crest Elementary School